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Ladies and Gentlemen,


We would like to inform you that the company PICTOR MEDIA ANIMATION has changed shareholders as of February 15, 2016.


The company CYBER GROUP STUDIOS now wholly owns PICTOR MEDIA ANIMATION. PICTOR MEDIA ANIMATION remains legally independent, continues its production activity, manages its catalog and all its current contracts. It will now use the infrastructure and resources of the new group to which it belongs.






Your new contacts are now those of Cyber Group Studios, you will find information on the website of Cyber Group Studios. CyberGroupStudios.


For questions about the distribution of the series, please contact Marie Conge, Vice President, Sales, Acquisitions and New Media: mconge@cybergroupstudios.com.


For questions concerning shared revenue rights of series, please contact Cecilia Bossel, Deputy General Manager: cbossel@cybergroupstudios.com .


For questions about administration or accounting, you can contact Alain Cohen, CFO: acohen@cybergroupstudios.com.


For other outstanding questions, thank you for contacting: dbourse@cybergroupstudios.com.




Dominique BOURSE - General Manager Pictor Media Animation


Pierre SISSMANN - President of Cyber Group Studios

Copyright © 2016 Pictor Media Animation - Tous droits réservés

Copyright © 2016 Pictor Media Animation - Tous droits réservés