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A Cartoon Series of 26 x 26’ episodes


Stellina, a 10 year-old orphan, lives with her adoptive family, the Panagulus Circus. Surrounded by her friends, clowns and illusionists, and accompanied by her panther, Gala, Stellina dreams of becoming an acrobat like her dead mother. However, following a performance where things go wrong, the social services decide to take over her education and place Stellina in an institution.

Stellina resists everything that they try to impose on her and escapes this horrible “prison” to take refuge in Rome. But there are many dangers when you are only 10 and alone, lost in a strange city…

Set in the Italy of the 60s, this soap spells adventure and emotion as it follows the destiny of a little rebel in search of a real family.



Sidney Kombo / Alessandro Belli


Created by

Lucia Zei


Head od Development and Script Supervisor

Olivier Dehors



Pictor Media / The Animation Band (Italie)


Published by Bayard


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